Why fundraise for Sight Service?
There are almost two million people in the UK living with sight loss. This figure includes those that have uncorrected refractive error or cataract that may be reversed. This figure also includes around 360,000 people registered as blind or partially sighted in the UK, who have severe and irreversible sight loss.
Sight loss affects people of all ages but especially older people: 1 in 5 people aged 75 and 1 in 2 aged 90 and over are living with sight loss. One-third of older people with sight loss are also living with depression.
There are over 25,000 blind and partially sighted children in the UK aged 0-16. As many as half of these children may have other disabilities.Over
Two-thirds of registered blind and partially sighted people of working age are not in paid employment.
The number of people in the UK with sight loss is set to increase in line with population ageing: by 2050 the number of people with sight loss in the UK could be nearly four million.
Can help us to provide telephone
and home befriending support to local people living with sight loss
who are isolated and lonely
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